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Nursing Errors: Nurses Are Not Perfect

While everyone makes mistakes, nursing errors can have catastrophic results. In these situations, The Skolnick Weiser Law Firm, LLC, has helped clients throughout Ohio who need legal guidance. Our firm has earned hundreds of millions of dollars in settlements and verdicts for our clients.

Our lawyers can assess your case, explain your legal options and determine how you can best move forward. Together we will hold the negligent parties accountable.

Common Causes Of Nursing Errors

One of the most common errors nurses make is the mishandling medication. From dispensing the incorrect prescription to the giving the wrong dose, the consequences can be severe.

Other mistakes include spreading infections due to poor hygiene and equipment sanitation, improper documentation and lack of training.

The nurse, physician and hospital can all be held liable for your injuries. We can help you build the strongest possible case.

Do You Have A Case?

Many people walk through our doors and do not know if they have a case. Our firm will leave no stone unturned. We will examine all elements of your situation. We will scrutinize medical records, staffing levels and the facility’s care practices.

While no amount of money can take away your suffering, our goal is to get you the compensation you deserve. This can help pay for medical expenses and any lost wages you have sustained as a result.

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