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2 Ohio motor vehicle accidents in a week at same intersection

Car AccidentsNews   April 21, 2015

Residents of an Ohio community recently stated that those growing up in their area are well aware of the dangers at a particular intersection of traffic. Natives of the area and long-time residents are said to typically proceed with caution when navigating the section of road because it is known to be a frequent site of motor vehicle accidents. A recent collision involved three vehicles, one of which was a tractor trailer.

Community residents said that they heard a crash and immediately went to the nearby intersection to see if anyone needed help. The couple stated that they often assist accident victims and provide water and aid to rescue workers because collisions are so frequent at that section in town. The latest accident occurred on a recent Tuesday evening when the 42-year-old driver of a car that was struck by two other vehicles was pronounced dead at the crash site.

A 26-year-old female who was behind the wheel of a minivan allegedly drove past a stop sign without stopping and crashed into the man’s vehicle, which then careened through the center lane of traffic and was struck a second time by a semi-truck. It was reported that there was another crash at the same site earlier in the week, when the driver of a pickup truck was killed after colliding, head-on, with a tractor trailer. One area neighbor said that it is sad to consider those whose lives have been lost in accidents that might have been prevented.

In Ohio, the surviving family members of persons killed in motor vehicle accidents due to the fault of other drivers sometimes file wrongful death claims in a civil court. State law grants them this right in order to seek compensation for damages suffered in the loss of their loved ones. Successfully litigated claims can potentially provide monetary resources that can help alleviate some of the burdensome costs accrued in the aftermath of a fatal accident, such as funeral expenses or potential loss of wages if the decedent was a breadwinner for a family.

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