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3 reasons to consider installing a dash cam in your car

Car AccidentsNews   February 11, 2018

Dash cams have steadily grown in prevalence over the years. They can be extremely valuable, and they can do a lot more than simply recording cool meteors that fly through the air.

Motor vehicle accidents are outstandingly common. They happen every day in Ohio, and the process of submitting an insurance claim and potentially taking the other driver to court can be long and exhausting. However, if you have video evidence of the incident, then everything suddenly becomes much easier to process.

1. Document an accident

Most often after a collision, there will be a dispute about who is actually at fault. Depending on the circumstances surrounding the accident, it may be unclear to a judge who holds the most liability. Luckily, if you have dash cam footage, then the evidence provides the clarity needed. You can also submit this video to the police as they make their reports.

2. Avoid insurance fraud

While it is unfortunate, there are many people out there who do not have your best interests at heart. Other drivers or pedestrians may attempt to stage an accident to receive a large insurance claims check. If you do not have any physical evidence, then you are at a huge disadvantage in court. Dash cam footage will be a huge asset.

3. Keep an eye on car when unattended

Many accidents do not occur on the road. Many happen when you are in a parking lot or parked on the street. Another vehicle can speed by and accidentally scrape your vehicle. You may be at a complete loss for how to pay for the damages if the other driver did not leave behind any contact information. With a dash cam, you always have one eye on your vehicle at all times. You are adequately prepared for any hit-and-runs because you do not have to worry about instantly memorizing the other car’s plate number.