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5 innovations to help you enjoy a safer motorcycle ride

Car AccidentsNews   September 5, 2018

From what you ride to what you wear, safety is of prime importance when you take your motorcycle for a spin. Here are five of the latest innovations designed to give you a safer, more enjoyable ride.

1. Airbags as wearing apparel

Airbags have become standard equipment on vehicles, and it is estimated that they save over 2,000 lives a year. Now you can wear a vest or jacket with a built-in airbag that protects your chest area and vital organs in the event of a motorcycle crash. When sensors in the garment detect impact, the airbag deploys instantly.

2. Smarter helmets

Most riders know that helmets are essential in terms of safety, and those approved by the Department of Transportation are the best. Now you can find helmets with built-in rearview cameras as well as built-in GPS systems.

3. Better lighting

To see and be seen, you need better lighting for your motorcycle. Adding LED lights will make your bike more visible to drivers, and you will be afforded a clear view of the road ahead. This type of lighting is particularly useful in poor weather conditions and is even available on helmets.

4. Improving stability

Many motorcycle accidents happen on curves or while the rider is trying to execute a turn and either accelerates or brakes too much. Stability control systems are now available that analyze the bike’s lean angle and traction control to provide just the right amount of braking or power required.

5. Another wheel

Motorcycle sales have increased dramatically in recent years, and many of those are to seniors who finally have the time and wherewithal to afford the Harley or classic Indian they have always wanted. Unfortunately, older riders also suffer more severe injuries in crashes than do their younger counterparts, in addition to weeks or months of difficult recovery. Given their interest in safety, some older riders find that trikes are easier to manage than the traditional two-wheeled designs. The new and quite popular three-wheeled motorcycles provide greater balance—and besides, they look cool. The trikes are just one more example of innovative thinking when it comes to motorcycle safety.