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After the accident: Do not speak with another insurance rep

Car AccidentsNews   April 7, 2018

Following a car accident in Ohio, you want to see a medical professional to ensure you do not have any hidden injuries. You will also want to swap insurance information with the other driver, and contact your own auto insurance agency to inform a representative of what occurred.

However, you should avoid speaking with the other driver’s insurance company after an accident. The reason for this is you do not want to accidentally say something that implies you share any part of the blame for the collision.

Have your lawyer speak with the other insurance agent

You can expect to receive a phone call within the first couple of days following the incident. You should have a car accident attorney by this point if there were significant injuries or property damage. If an insurance agent calls you, then you can refer the person to your lawyer.

Avoid implicating yourself in anything

The reason you want to avoid speaking to another insurance company is that you may say something that gives the agency reason to not pay out as much. It is the insurance company’s goal to pay out as little as possible. Saying something as innocuous as, “I feel fine,” could give the agent reason to believe you did not sustain any serious injuries even though the reality of the matter could be that your injuries are quite serious.

Additionally, you may not know everything that contributed to the accident. For example, you may assume you were partially at fault when in reality, the other driver carries 100 percent of the blame. You should never speculate on anything after an accident whether you speak with an insurance representative, police officer or attorney. It is acceptable to simply say, “I do not know” if you genuinely do not know a specific detail to the case. Above all else, make sure an insurance company does not take a recorded statement from you if you do talk.