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Avoiding injuries on a construction site in Ohio

NewsPersonal Injury   March 19, 2018

Construction sites are found all over the state of Ohio. They can be incredibly safe and dangerous all at the same time. Construction workers have a lot of responsibility if they want to stay safe while on the job. The owner of the site and the manager of the site are also responsible for keeping it safe from accidents that can injure or kill workers.

Always go to work with personal protective equipment, or PPE. This includes steel-toed boots, gloves, goggles, a hard hat, a mask, a vest and any other safety equipment your specific job on the construction site requires.

If you are assigned to operate heavy machinery, you should do so only when in the right state of mind. If you have a spotter, you should follow his or her instructions at all times. Never operate the machinery at speeds that cause you to lose control. If you can no longer see the spotter, you should cease all operations immediately. Never operate the machinery in reverse without the help of a spotter.

Obey all safety policies in place at the site. This includes policies set forth by the construction company, state regulations and federal regulations. If you see someone operating in an unsafe manner, you should advise them immediately and report it to a supervisor.

All injuries suffered on the job at a construction site should be cared for by a trained medical professional immediately. Once treated, the injury should be documented and reported to your supervisor.

When you go to work on a construction site, you should have the proper safety gear with you at all times. Never take off the gear when actively working or walking around the site in Cleveland. If injured, you should seek medical attention immediately.