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Battling a birth injury problem in Ohio and other states

Birth InjuryNews   November 4, 2015

Ohio parents whose child has suffered injury due to doctor negligence will understand the devastation of another woman who had a similar experience in another state. A U.S. District Court recently awarded her $250,000 for her emotional pain and suffering, occasioned by the preventable birth injury her baby suffered. A federal judge ruled that the woman’s doctor failed to act when a monitor showed signs that her baby was in dire distress during birth.

Because the doctor acted too late in performing an urgently needed c-section, the woman’s baby suffered severe brain injury. The child was also awarded $9.6 million in damages. She is now age three and will need medical care and living assistance for the rest of her life. She can neither walk nor talk and is fed through tube in her stomach.

No amount of money can undue the hands of time and make a doctor act according to safety standards and regulations. However, at least the family’s costs in caring for their daughter can be somewhat alleviated. It is understandable that a parent whose child has suffered permanent injury due to medical negligence would want to seek justice in a civil court.

In Ohio, any parent considering filing such a claim in the aftermath of a birth injury can contact a personal injury lawyer to discuss the situation. An attorney can investigate the details of the claim and help identify all possible sources of liability. As a personal legal advocate, an attorney can act on a parent’s behalf in court, allowing more time for the care and nurture of an injured child.

Source: Washington Times, “Judge awards $9.6M to child in medical malpractice case“, Nov. 2, 2015