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Birth injury could lead to lifelong issues for Ohio residents

Birth InjuryNews   October 29, 2014

Bringing a life into the world can be a situation that many Ohio residents may dream about. As a result, they likely want the best care for their child before, during and after delivery. Regrettably, mistakes can be made by doctors and other medical staff during delivery that could lead to a serious birth injury for the baby. It is not unlikely for cerebral palsy to result from certain errors.

A legal situation in another state concerning such a topic has recently come to a verdict. It was reported that the suit began on behalf of a now 5-year-old boy who had suffered an injury at birth. His birth was apparently not carried out in a timely manner, which resulted in his needing to be resuscitated after delivery. It was reported that the boy now has cerebral palsy.

The case has resulted in the hospital named in the suit being required to pay approximately $8.4 million to the child. Representatives for the hospital stated that they were not expecting this verdict as they believe the child’s condition is not a result of hospital error. It was not mentioned in the report whether the hospital may wish to appeal the outcome.

A birth injury could lead to a child facing difficulties for the rest of his or her life. In many cases, these difficulties could result in a child needing periodic or constant medical attention that could put a considerable financial strain on the life of that child and the parents or guardians involved. As this situation shows, taking legal action against parties who may be liable for a birth injury may be a prudent step for Ohio residents who have been the victim of hospital mistakes.

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