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Case outside Ohio involves parents after birth injury of child

Birth InjuryNews   August 19, 2015

Having a baby is typically an exciting and marvelous experience for parents and families who are welcoming a new infant into the world. As with all other medical experiences, a certain amount of risk exists for women entering the processes of labor and delivery. However, it is the right of all women, including those in Ohio, to reasonably assume that medical staff members will take every precaution and adhere to the highest levels of safety standards when caring for a woman as she births her child. When an infant suffers a birth injury due to medical negligence, parents have the right to take legal action against all parties believed responsible.

In a recent case outside Ohio, parents have sought $9 million in damages after their son was injured at birth. The child was born at an army medical center. The parents have alleged that the hospital staff made significant errors that caused their child to be born with cerebral palsy.

The baby was born in 2010 after medical staff performed a C-section on the mother. However, the child’s mother asserts that her baby had already suffered a crucial lack of oxygen in the emergency situation and that his current condition and developmental delays are due to the mistakes made by medical professionals at the time of his birth. An Assistant U.S. Attorney who is representing the army hospital in this case was apparently unavailable for comment.

A proposed settlement is awaiting the approval of the federal judge presiding over the lawsuit. Ohio residents whose children have suffered a birth injury or other illness or harm  under the care of a medical professional are able to file medical malpractice claims in order to seek a judgment monetary damages. It is typically advisable to seek legal counsel in such matters before proceeding to court.

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