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Civil lawsuit could potentially stem from fatal Ohio accident

Car AccidentsNews   February 11, 2015

Because there are numerous factors that could contribute to an accident, it is important that car crashes are investigated. These investigations can provide vital information on how a car or truck accident took place and who may have been at fault. This knowledge can play an important role in a civil lawsuit and in determining whether criminal charges are necessary.

An accident in Ohio recently led to the death of one driver. It was reported that the incident took place on Interstate 71 when a northbound car was struck by a tractor trailer at approximately 10 a.m. The initial impact caused the car to collide with a third vehicle. The tractor trailer continued traveling, went off the road and through a guardrail before stopping.

The driver of the vehicle hit by the tractor trailer was a 50-year-old woman. She suffered injuries that proved fatal, and she died after being transported to an area hospital. The tractor trailer driver and the driver of the third vehicle did not suffer any injuries in the incident. It was not noted whether any charges were filed in relation to the fatal crash.

The family of the victim is likely devastated by the sudden loss of their loved one. Fatal accidents can have considerable repercussions that affect many individuals emotionally and financially. The family of the Ohio victim may wish to consider filing a civil lawsuit if they wish to seek compensation for their loss, funeral costs or other allowable damages, and information on civil cases may be valuable.

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