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Do loud mufflers help motorcyclists stay safe?

Car AccidentsNews   July 10, 2018

It is safe to say that most motorists want a quiet ride. That is why electric vehicles have grown in popularity substantially over the last few years. However, many motorcyclists believe it would be best if everyone riding a bike would keep the loud exhaust system.

Accidents involving motorcycles happen far more often than most people realize. Due to the lack of an outer body, the chances of sustaining injuries on a bike are far greater than driving a car. Motorcyclists need a lot to stay safe, and one way many people want to accomplish this involves maintaining loud bikes.

Hotly debated issue

There is no concrete scientific data on whether making loud noises saves lives. There are plenty of anecdotes from motorcyclists who insist a car was about to hit them, but then the muffler made a loud noise and alerted the driver of the bike’s presence. Naturally, there are numerous anecdotes on the opposite end of the spectrum from average citizens who have to listen to the constant barrage of motorcycle sounds.

The state of Ohio has laws stating that motorcycle sounds cannot go above an excessive level. While all motorcycles roll off the lot with exhaust systems designed to be as quiet as possible, Ohio does allow modifications as long as they do not cause the bike to be overly loud. Motorcyclists should check with local ordinances to see if there are any other laws to be aware of.

Multiple approaches

Quiet bikes certainly pose a risk, and in the past, the United States National Highway Traffic Safety Administration sided with motorcyclists on this very issue. Fortunately, there are many ways for motorcyclists to remain safe when on their bikes. They should wear bright, visible clothing when riding at night. Additionally, they should have their lights on at all times, even when it is not dark out.