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Doctor Ignored Ohio Man’s Complaints of Post-Op Pain

Medical MalpracticeNews   December 21, 2015

The time immediately after surgery is often the most critical time to be on the lookout for complications. Many doctors and hospitals meet the standard of care to properly monitor patients in this important post-operative period. A big part of that standard of care is to listen to patients when they complain of symptoms they are experiencing after an operation and to properly diagnose the patient’s health situation and take immediate action. Anything less can be catastrophic and is medical malpractice.

In a recent Ohio medical malpractice case, the doctors and hospital ignored the patient’s complaints in the days his after surgery and it is reported that Ohio State University has now agreed to settle a wrongful-death and medical malpractice lawsuit because of not taking the patient’s post-surgery complaints seriously, according to the Columbus Dispatch.

The family and estate of the late Michael McNew, 38, of Dublin, will receive $1.7 million to settle a medical negligence and wrongful-death lawsuit where it is alleged that McNew died after failing to receive a proper diagnosis at Ohio State’s Stoneridge Medical Center in Dublin.

According to the lawsuit filed by his family and estate, Mr. McNew called the Stoneridge office multiple times over several days to complain about bleeding and severe pain, but was advised to just keep taking pain medication. He soon died of bleeding in the brain as a result of an undiagnosed condition that can cause internal bleeding.

Ohio State has now agreed to make a $1.4 million payment upfront to McNew’s family and pay $300,000 over four years to fund annuities for his three children.

This Could Have Been Prevented

It is unfortunate when we hear of cases like this where most likely, had the doctors and the hospital staff just listened to the patient and taken their complaints seriously, these events would have been preventable in the course of his medical treatment.

Demand To Be Taken Seriously

This case illustrates why it is so important to demand immediate follow up care if you suspect something is wrong and if you don’t receive it, then immediately seek care from another hospital or doctor. Do not wait if you are not getting help or you are not getting the answers you need.

Communication between you and your doctor is critical and in this case, the patient realized this but sadly the doctor and his staff downplayed the communication they received from their patient and it cost him his life.

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