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Fatal personal injury suffered in Ohio accident

Car AccidentsNews   July 28, 2015

A tragedy occurred in Ohio that involved a vehicle driver under the age of 18. A motorcyclist suffered a fatal personal injury in the crash. The incident took place in Parma Heights on a recent Saturday.

Reports indicate that a 41-year-old man was riding his motorcycle when a terrible crash occurred at an intersection along Ohio Route 113. The 17-year-old driver of a pickup truck apparently failed to obey a stop sign. His vehicle reportedly struck the motorcycle, causing the cyclist to be ejected from his seat.

Sadly, the man on the motorcycle did not survive his injuries in the collision. The young man behind the wheel of the pickup is said to have escaped injury. Officials investigating the crash have stated that they do not believe alcohol or excessive speed to be factors in the case. Their investigation remains ongoing at this time. In the state of Ohio, a parent, legal guardian or other responsible adult must sign the application for a temporary, restricted or probationary driver’s license for a person of minor age.

Liability for negligence on the part of the minor in an Ohio motor vehicle accident can sometimes be imputed upon the person whose signature is on the license application. When personal injury results in a truck, car or motorcycle accident, a surviving victim might have recourse to potential financial relief through the filing of a legal claim in a civil court. Immediate family members may act on behalf of a loved one who has suffered an untimely death in connection to an accident. In cases where the negligent driver is a person of minor age, an individual considering filing a claim may want to consult with a legal professional in order to gain clarification on the laws that pertain to liability in such cases.

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