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Fireworks injure hundreds per day on and around July Fourth

NewsPersonal Injury   July 3, 2014

Families throughout Cleveland and the rest of the Ohio will be heading out to celebrate the Fourth of July with a fireworks show this weekend. Unfortunately, for about 240 people per day during the weeks surrounding Independence Day, fireworks cause injuries serious enough to land them in the emergency room.

Many people are hurt setting off fireworks at home, including many young children as well as adults. However, fireworks injuries also affect the people employed to conduct professional fireworks displays at parks, arenas and event centers. Because these large-scale fireworks displays typically involve far more powerful fireworks than those typically available for casual use, the potential for death and catastrophic injury is very high when things go wrong.

When fireworks injuries occur, compensation is often available to help offset the medical expenses, rehabilitative care, lost income and other financial harm resulting from the injury. The exact source of those funds can vary depending on the circumstances of the injury and who is involved.

For example, if the injury was caused by a defective or dangerously designed product, the fireworks manufacturer or retailer may be held liable to the injured person and his or her family. For on-the-job injuries involving fireworks, workers’ compensation benefits may be available.

It is a good idea to talk things over with a lawyer if you or a family member has been hurt in a fireworks accident whether at home, at work or in public. He or she can help you evaluate your legal options and work toward getting you the compensation you need to make the best possible recovery.

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