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Get a truck accident attorney who can help protect your rights

Car AccidentsNews   August 16, 2017

Truck accidents are a major cause of property damage and lost lives on the nation’s highways.

Trucks only make up 8 percent of the vehicles on the nation’s highways — but they’re responsible for more than one out of every 10 fatalities. Perhaps more telling, studies have found that fatal accidents are more likely to occur any time a lot of trucks are on the road in an area — even if the overall volume of traffic is actually smaller than usual for the area.

What makes a truck driver more likely to cause an accident than someone driving a car?

  • Aggressive drivers, including a significant number of male drivers who are prone to speeding, expressing road rage or driving when they know that they’re far too fatigued to be behind the wheel.
  • Drivers who speed — of either gender – put other people on the road at higher risk of death. Speeding is one of the top predictors of an accident that can wipe out a car full of people.
  • Combination trucks (where one cab is pulling two cargo compartments) are also a serious danger. Drivers have bigger problems seeing automobiles in their mirrors, have a harder time maneuvering and are more likely to experience rollovers on curves.
  • Distracted drivers have to be mentioned. Car drivers aren’t unique when it comes to being distracted on the road by everything from their cellphones to their passengers. Truckers have an additional danger — long-haul boredom — which can cause them to give into the temptation of an easy distraction.

Whatever the reasons, truck accidents are often devastating events. Even those who survive often have severe injuries that can take a long time to heal. The psychological and economic damage of being in a truck accident can be just as devastating as the physical damage.

An attorney who is familiar with the problems associated with truck injuries can help protect your rights and get you the compensation that you deserve. For more information on how our firm can help you if you’ve suffered an injury in a truck accident, please visit our webpages on the topic.