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Hidden cameras show alleged neglect at Ohio nursing home

NewsNursing Home Neglect   July 25, 2014

The owner of an Ohio nursing home is facing criminal charges after hidden cameras placed inside the home allegedly revealed widespread fraud and neglect.

Numerous criminal charges have been levied against the owner individually and against the facility as a whole. They could also be facing potential civil liability to any nursing home residents who have been harmed as a result of the allegedly substandard care provided at the facility.

Concerns about suspected fraud and neglect at the home date back to at least 2012, when relatives of some of the residents filed complaints with the authorities. A press release from the office of Ohio Attorney General Mike DeWine stated these individuals gave their permission for hidden cameras to be placed in certain areas inside the home.

Although specific details about the footage have not been released, the hidden cameras allegedly showed nursing home staff falsifying documents and providing a low quality of care to residents. One common form of nursing home neglect occurs when staff members leave bedridden or immobile residents unattended for long periods of time. This can put residents at risk of developing bedsores, urinary tract infections and other serious medical complications.

Malnutrition and dehydration are also frequently seen in nursing home neglect cases, particularly among residents who are unable to eat, drink or use the restroom without assistance. Falls are another major concern among elderly residents and those with limited mobility, who can be seriously injured if nursing home staff fails to provide them with the supervision and assistance they need and deserve.

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