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How often do motorcycle accidents occur in intersections?

Car AccidentsNews   August 15, 2018

Motorcycle accidents can occur anywhere. However, a larger percentage of them take place in intersections. According to data from the National Center for Statistics and Analysis, approximately 33 percent of all motorcycle accidents took place in an intersection.

There are numerous factors that make intersections particularly dangerous for motorcyclists. All drivers, regardless of the vehicle they operate, need to maintain a vigilant eye on the road at all times to prevent a disastrous collision.

Why are intersections so dangerous?

The primary reason why intersections post such a significant threat is due to close proximity all vehicles have to each other. With crossing and turn lanes, motorcyclists and regular motorists need to pay attention to make sure it is their time to move and that it is safe to do so.

What types of accidents are most likely to happen?

Since motorcycles are smaller, drivers in cars may not see them until it is too late. One common type of collision involves a vehicle trying to make a left-hand turn and not seeing the motorcyclist, who has the right-of-way, coming straight. Additionally, one motorist may try to beat a red light, only to run right through it after the other lane of traffic has already moved.

At red lights and stop signs, many drivers will read or respond to texts. Since they do not pay attention, they accidentally run into a motorcyclist directly ahead of them.

What can motorcyclists do to remain safe?

Although motorists should take more responsibility when going through intersections, there are steps motorcyclists should take to reduce the likelihood of a crash. They should scan all lanes of traffic to ensure it is safe to cross before moving. They should also avoid trying to pass other vehicles on the right-hand side because the driver’s blind spot will be greater in that area. They should also attempt to anticipate the other drivers’ actions.