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How workers can beat the summer heat

NewsPersonal Injury   August 17, 2016

There are certain risks that people undertake in any profession. This is true whether you sit in front of a computer or work with heavy machinery. While issues of this nature can arise when workplace inside temperatures are not properly maintained, the dangers of working in extreme heat often gain attention when workers must complete tasks outside in the summer.

Working outside in the heat

One of the risks tied to working outside when it is hot is when an employee who is not used to high temperatures is suddenly expected to perform, without an adequate amount of time to acclimate. This can result in heat stroke or heat exhaustion.

Know the signs

The best way to avoid serious damage due to these conditions is to know the signs. Someone who is acting irritable or confused or experiencing weakness, muscle cramps, nausea/headache or clammy skin, may be suffering from heat exhaustion.

Take steps to stay safe

Fortunately, there are certain steps that can be taken to keep those who work in high temperatures, safe. One is to utilize a buddy system in which workers are looking out for each other to make sure neither is displaying symptoms of heat stroke or heat exhaustion. A second is to wear clothing that is made of a material that wicks moisture away from the body. Avoiding outside tasks during the hottest hours of the day and staying properly hydrated is also important. In some situations, consuming ice pops or beverages with electrolytes can help with this.

When a worker does fall ill as a result of a heat at work he/she should be aware that they are entitled to certain protections. Most businesses in the state of Ohio are required to carry workers ‘compensation insurance to provide compensation during these very situations. These benefits are not always easy to secure. In these situations a workers’ compensation lawyer may be of assistance.