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If your loved one is in a nursing home bedsores could be an issue

NewsNursing Home Neglect   January 18, 2017

Many people think of bedsores as just a minor problem, and that can be true if they’re small and treated quickly. However, when they aren’t treated properly or they’re allowed to become worse, bedsores can be a serious issue. Not only are they painful, but they also act as an access point for infection to enter the body. If left untreated, or treated improperly, they could lead to death. If you have a loved one who is living in a nursing home, you should be aware of what pressure sores are and what they look like.

Reducing Pressure is the First Step

A bedsore can’t heal properly if there is still pressure being placed on the area so repositioning your loved one so that pressure is off of the problem area is important. That can take several weeks for a minor sore to heal, and could take months for a more serious one. There are special cushions and surfaces that can be used with bedsores that will help relieve pressure while allowing your loved one to lay in a position that is comfortable for them.

Bedsores in Nursing Homes

Especially for people in nursing homes, who may be more vulnerable to disease, having an open wound can put them at great risk. Not all nursing homes are as careful as they should be about turning patients frequently to prevent bedsores and other skin issues. Additionally, some of these facilities are understaffed, and because of that they may not be able to turn patients as often as they should. To help work with the facility and reduce the risk to your loved one, it’s important for you to have an understanding of what bedsores are and how they form.

If your loved one is living in a nursing home and suffers because of a bedsore, you may be able to take legal action. Meeting with a lawyer that has a thorough understanding of nursing home neglect cases is a good place to start.