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Incident outside Ohio results in nursing negligence allegations

NewsNursing Home Neglect   October 13, 2015

An elderly man had been residing at an assisted living facility when he suffered recent multiple injuries. The incident, which took place in a state outside Ohio, has left the man’s guardians claiming that nursing negligence caused the man’s injuries. The guardians of the 79-year-old man have filed a lawsuit against the nursing and rehabilitation residence that they deem responsible for his suffering.

The elderly man was admitted to the facility in April 2014. The guardians allege that the man was prone to suffer falls and that the staff members should have been well aware of this fact. In Dec. 2014, the man suffered very serious injuries, including  subdural  and frontal hematomas, subarachnoid hemorrhage, multiple fractures of the skull, orbital fracture and  fractures of his sinus and ribs.

Those acting on behalf of the injured resident have also stated that the staff members failed to reassess the man’s health condition after each fall. Damages of more than $50,000 are sought. A trial jury has also been requested.

Nursing negligence is a potentially serious issue that can result in injury or illness to those being cared for by medical staff. In Ohio, a person acting on his or her own behalf, or a guardian or immediate family member representing a victim of apparent medical malpractice, may wish to consult with a personal injury lawyer in the area. Doing so would be the logical first step to take when considering filing a legal claim in a civil court. An attorney can help assess the viability of a claim and offer ongoing assistance in pursuit of justice.

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