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Investigation finds violations that could cause injury in Ohio

NewsPersonal Injury   August 8, 2014

Safety on the job is very important no matter what field of work a person performs his or her duties. Therefore, it is the obligation of employers to ensure that safety precautions are taken and training is provided to lessen the likelihood of a workplace injury taking place. If precautions are not taken, a company could potentially face penalties for putting their workers at risk.

Recently in Ohio, Lowe’s was cited for several safety violations. An investigation into the store was initiated after the store reported a higher-than-average workplace injury rate. As a result of the investigation, it was apparently found that violations relating to electrical hazards and certain protection were present at stores in various locations.

The company faces citations for repeat violations for which they had been cited in the past in other states. The violations mentioned in the reports included not using proper wiring, not guarding against accidental contact of electrical equipment, failing to give workers information on respiratory protection and others. At this time, the penalties that the company could have to contend with are approximately $53,000.

Because the company had multiple violations, the risk of an injury occurring on the job could potentially have been increased. If a worker does become injured while working due to safety violations, he or she could possibly qualify for workers’ compensation, or if a worker is killed at the workplace, his or her family may be able to receive those benefits. Information on qualifications for workers’ compensation in Ohio could help concerned individuals determine their eligibility.

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