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Lost limbs due to work accidents can lead to permanent disability

NewsPersonal Injury   February 5, 2019

While any kind of work injury could be catastrophic, injuries that involve lost or amputated extremities or limbs are some of the most severe. Workers can lose a limb or extremity through a number of situations.

Machinery could malfunction, resulting in a cutting or crushing injury that completely disables the affected body part. Accidents in vehicles while on the job could also result in the loss of limbs or extremities. Chemical exposure is another common cause, and is also associated with the loss of eyes or blindness.

Regardless of the cause of the injury, workers need to familiarize themselves with their rights under Ohio law. This includes the right to seek medical coverage and temporary or permanent disability benefits after a disabling workplace injury.

Believe it or not, someone has put a price on body parts

Although it is seemingly crass and horrifying as a concept, Ohio has placed maximum compensation amounts on different parts of the body. For example, in Ohio, the loss of your pinky finger will likely result in slightly less than $14,250 in compensation. The loss of a thumb, on the other hand, will generally result in more than $57,000.

There are different amounts, which typically reflect both the cost of medical care and the impact of the injury on future earning potential. However, just because you lost a limb at work doesn’t mean you will instantly receive the maximum benefit for your injury.

Working with an attorney who has experience in negotiating Ohio workers’ compenstion cases can help maximize the benefits you receive and ensure that someone is looking out for your best interests after a workplace injury.