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Man pursues lawsuit for nursing home negligence in Ohio

NewsNursing Home Neglect   August 14, 2014

When family members must face the decision of whether to put their older loved ones in a nursing home, it can be very difficult. They may feel guilty about being unable to care of their loved ones themselves, and they may also worry about the treatment their loved ones would receive in the care of others. Unfortunately, there are situations of nursing home negligence that can lead to individuals feeling abused.

A man in Ohio is currently pursuing a lawsuit against a nursing home in which he was apparently a resident. It was reported that the man was 66 years old when he became a resident of the home and was subjected to negligence that left him with pain and emotional trauma. A judge involved in the case recently made a ruling that would allow the case to continue.

The nursing home involved in the case, however, is looking to have the ruling put on hold. They believe that the ruling should be appealed and that the case should go to arbitration. The home also allegedly claimed that the man’s daughter, who has power of attorney, signed a form waiving the man’s rights to a trial in the event of a dispute. The judge in the case found that the daughter did not have the authority to sign the document.

Nursing home negligence is a situation that should be closely examined to ensure the safety of affected individuals and those who could be affected. If the man is able to provide evidence that the nursing home at which he was a resident contributed to his pain and suffering, he may be awarded compensation. As his case moves forward, exploring his legal options for such a case in Ohio may help in his decision-making process.

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