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Medical errors: Ohio man dies after medical device blocks airway

Medical MalpracticeNews   November 11, 2014

Putting a life in the hands of another person can be a nerve-wracking experience for many individuals. However, this type of situation occurs often when parties go to the hospital for surgery or other medical procedures. Though many patients recover from their procedures without hindrance, some patients may be the victims of medical errors that lead to complications or even death.

Two sons unfortunately lost their father due to a surgical mistake that took place in Ohio. It was reported that the father had gone in for surgery, and during the procedure, he stopped breathing, which lead to his demise. It was later discovered that the patient’s airway had been blocked by a medical instrument that had become dislodged.

As a result of this discovery, at least one of the sons has decided to file a lawsuit against the hospital. The son stated that he hoped that by pursuing a case it would be less likely that such an incident would happen to another family. It was not noted what specific damages he may be seeking. The hospital named in the suit did not wish to comment on the pending litigation at the time of the report.

It can be devastating when families learn that their loved ones may have been the victims of medical errors. The sons who lost their father in this Ohio situation have decided that legal action is a course they wish to follow, and they may wish to prepare for their case as it moves forward. They may want to understand what evidence they may be able to present that could potentially strengthen their case. Information on medical malpractice proceedings may also be beneficial.

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