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Medical malpractice case may be example for Ohio residents

Medical MalpracticeNews   January 14, 2015

Many Ohio residents may face difficult health circumstances during their life. For some, those issues could be chronic, and an organ transplant may be the best or only option for potentially rectifying the problem. Finding a compatible organ can be a moment of insurmountable joy for a patient, and if a medical error leads to the transplant not working, the devastated parties may wish to file a medical malpractice claim.

Though malpractice claims may not always be addressed immediately, there is potential for them to later go to court. A case in another state faced similar circumstances after it was initially dismissed. However, it was recently reported that the case should soon move forward. The report stated that the situation involves the family of a woman who died after receiving a cancer-infected organ during a transplant.

The woman who received the organ had needed the transplant due to diabetes. Unfortunately, five months after receiving the organ, she died from the cancer that affected it. It was reported that at the time of the surgery, the doctor did not know that the organ was cancerous. However, it is now being argued that the doctor should have taken further action to ensure that the organ was healthy before deeming it acceptable for transplant.

It is undoubtedly heartbreaking for family members to believe that a loved one is going through a lifesaving procedure only to have the patient die not long afterward. Medical malpractice cases can at times be difficult to work through, and individuals wishing to file such a claim may benefit from having some understanding of the process. Gleaning knowledge through reliable Ohio resources could help patients or family members determine whether such a claim may be right for them.

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