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Medical malpractice suit may intrigue Ohio residents

NewsNursing Home Neglect   March 19, 2015

There are various circumstances under which an individual may feel the need to file a legal claim against another party. Civil claims can often result when a person is seriously injured, killed or otherwise negatively affected by the actions of another individual or individuals. Instances in which a person may have been negatively affected due to medical malpractice can lead to a claim seeking restitution.

Ohio residents may be interested in a case in which a family is filing a claim against a hospital and staff in another state. It was reported that a young girl had gone in for surgery on her nose and throat, and after the surgery, the girl experienced severe bleeding. The girl went into cardiac arrest, and three days later, she was declared brain dead.

Reports stated that nurses contradicted each other on the proper care for the girl and that a doctor did not arrive to check on the girl until hours after the bleeding began. Though the girl was declared brain dead, the family rejected that diagnosis and eventually was able to move the girl to another facility. The family is pursing the lawsuit as they believe that they should be compensated for the damage and needed care resulting from the surgery.

Situations in which a child is severely harmed due to medical malpractice can be a harrowing event. As this case shows, family members may have the ability to seek compensation for damages resulting from medical mistakes and negligence. If an Ohio resident believes that he, she or a loved one was the victim of such a situation, information on filing a claim could be helpful.

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