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Nursing assistant sentenced, questions remain about victims

NewsNursing Home Neglect   December 7, 2017

A former nursing assistant at an Ohio nursing home was handed an 18-month prison sentence and will be placed on the sex offender registry for 15 years — the maximum possible sentence he could receive for groping a nurse and masturbating on her as a first-time offender.

However, questions remain about whether or not he’s truly a first-time offender — especially since information has surfaced that he’d been transferred from a previous position after allegedly touching another employee inappropriately.

The judge openly questioned whether or not this was really the defendant’s first offense or whether it was merely the first time he was caught and prosecuted. She pointed out that he’d been trusted to care for many elderly patients — including women who are unable to resist or possibly unable to even tell anyone what had been done to them.

The nursing home has stated that he passed their background check — however, the defendant showed no remorse for his actions and described what he did as merely “hugging” and “wetting himself.”

Unfortunately, recent investigations have brought to light the fact that sexual assault occurs with terrifying regularity in nursing homes around the country — and much of it goes unreported.

How can you tell if your loved one is the victim of sexual assault inside a nursing home? Look for these tell-tale signs:

  • Unexplained bruises around his or her genitals, thighs or anal area
  • Sudden changes in behavior, including fearfulness or crying
  • Signs of a venereal disease that was never previously diagnosed
  • Statements from the senior about being touched or raped, even if he or she has dementia — especially if the statements are new and unlike anything ever said before

If you suspect that your loved one is a victim of sexual abuse while in a nursing home, seek help immediately. If the home’s administration is not responsive, consider seeking legal advice or the aid of the police to investigate the matter.

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