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Nursing home standards may not protect Ohio residents from abuse

NewsNursing Home Neglect   February 25, 2015

When an Ohio resident must determine whether to admit an elderly loved one to a nursing home, it is likely that he or she will conduct research on the quality of potential homes. Because putting a loved one in the care of another person can be a difficult decision, individuals want to ensure that there will not be a high risk of abuse or other unseemly actions. However, it is important that nursing home ratings are researched thoroughly.

It was recently reported that many accepted nursing home ratings across the country were not as concrete as some may have hoped. The report stated that many individuals were concerned that homes were not up to certain standards that should be met at a facility that provides care. As a result, adjustments were made regarding quality standards.

After the adjustments, it was found that ratings for many nursing homes fell, and some facilities that previously had high ratings saw significant decreases. It is hoped that these new standards will help individuals better differentiate between the quality of care provided at various homes. However, there was some concern expressed that these new ratings could potentially exasperate consumers rather than help them.

Nursing home abuse is a great fear of many Ohio residents, and while these new rating standards may be helpful, they cannot fully protect against potential neglect or other harmful actions. If parties believe that their loved one was harmed while in the care of a nursing home facility, there may be cause to pursue legal action. Certain abuse and neglect can have long-lasting negative effects, and seeking compensation for damages may be an option.

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