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Nursing negligence could lead Ohio residents to take action

NewsNursing Home Neglect   November 26, 2014

When an Ohio resident is no longer able to properly care for an elderly loved one, he or she may seek assistance from a nursing home or other long-term care facility. Individuals who work in such facilities should be trained in various ways to help elderly residents with their needs. Regrettably, there are situations in which a loved one may not feel that their relative was given the proper care and may file a claim due to nursing negligence.

State residents may be interested in a case in a nearby state concerning the death of a woman in a nursing home. It was reported that the woman was on a soft food diet because she had suffered a stroke, but at one meal, she was given beef tips and became choked as she tried to eat. Nurses in the dining room attempted to help the woman, but the director told them to stop.

A witness to the event stated that the woman was led from the dining room while clutching at her chest. She died shortly after being taken to her room. The staff apparently told the woman’s daughter that the woman had died peacefully from a heart attack. An investigation was opened into the incident.

Situations of nursing negligence can leave loved ones of victims feeling dismayed that such mistakes could be made. As this situation shows, fatalities can easily result when the proper steps are not taken. If Ohio residents have been the victims of such abuse or have loved ones who have been, they may be interested in possibly taking legal action. Filing a claim may allow them to seek compensation for damages resulting from negligence.

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