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Ohio affected in nursing home abuse settlement

NewsNursing Home Neglect   October 15, 2014

Being unable to care for a loved one can be difficult for some individuals to accept. The idea of having to admit a family member to a nursing home can be heartbreaking, but many parties often know that professionals may be better able to care for an ailing individual. Unfortunately, nursing home abuse is also a risk, and the concern of such a situation is not invalid.

A health care service that operated nursing home facilities in several states, including Ohio, has recently come to a settlement regarding abuse allegations. It was reported that the facilities did not have the means to properly care for many of the patients who were admitted to the homes. As a result, individuals — who would not be able to receive the care they needed — were taken into the facilities, and other individuals had their care reduced due to the circumstances.

The service company has agreed to owe the federal and affected states’ governments approximately $28 million for the allegations of improper care. The company stated that they did not conduct any illegal activity, but they had agreed to the settlement in order to have the issue put to rest. The service providers must also complete a program that will help ensure that quality care is given to the patients they serve.

Nursing home abuse is a scary situation, and it may make individuals second-guess admitting their loved one to such a facility. Though many nursing homes do provide adequate care for their patients, Ohio residents may want to periodically check to make sure their family members are being properly cared for. If there is any suspicion that abuse may be taking place, concerned parties may want to consider their legal choices.

Source: The Telegraph, “Nursing home abuse claims lead to $38 million settlement with feds“, Daniel Salazar, Oct. 10, 2014