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Ohio company cited after fatal work-related accident

NewsPersonal Injury   January 6, 2015

When employers follow safety rules to the best of their abilities, the likelihood of a fatal accident occurring on the job could potentially decrease. Though a work-related accident may not always be able to be prevented, many of those accidents can be if employers and employees have the proper knowledge of safety standards and the proper equipment to perform duties in a safe manner. If an employer requires workers to complete tasks in a manner that puts them at unnecessary risk, workers could suffer serious injuries.

A company based in Ohio was recently cited by the Occupational Safety and Health Administration, or OSHA, after a worker was killed in another state. It was reported that the employee worked for a tree trimming service, and at the time of the accident, he was working on a site where a utility task vehicle, or UTV, was being used. The UTV was being operated on a site with a 20 degree slope when it overturned on top of the worker and fatally injured him.

OSHA cited the company for a willful violation as the operating instructions for the UTV stated that it should not be used on more than a 15 degree slope. The company had previously acknowledged that they were aware of this stipulation before the fatal accident took place. OSHA believes that the accident could have been prevented if the instructions had been followed.

A fatal work-related accident, especially one that could have been prevented, is a harrowing event. Injured workers and families of deceased victims can face considerable hardships moving forward after such an incident. Because injuries and fatalities can lead to reduced income and other damages, Ohio residents may be interested in finding out whether their situation regarding a workplace accident could potentially entitle them to workers’ compensation benefits.

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