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Ohio employees might suffer hardship after work-related accident

Car AccidentsNews   May 19, 2015

Ohio residents in the workplace most likely assume that their employers will take necessary steps to ensure a safe and secure work environment. At times, however, workers suffer injury on the job and, depending upon the circumstances of a work-related accident, an employee might suffer long-term hardships due to his or her injuries. Though it is true that most injured workers will be eligible to file a workers’ compensation claim in the aftermath of a workplace accident, the process can sometimes be very complicated. It might be comforting for workers to know that they can request legal assistance before attempting to navigate the system on their own.

Skolnick Weiser Law Firm, LLC has experienced professionals who are able to assess individual workplace accident cases and offer advice with regard to potential legal action that might help an injured employee maximize his or her recovery. Timing is crucial in relation to claims regarding serious workplace injuries, and it is advisable that an employee who has suffered an on-the-job accident consult with a workers’ compensation attorney as soon as possible following the incident. This can help alleviate confusion that workers sometimes experience when their compensation claims are wrongly denied or they are having problems attaining needed medical care.

The free consultation offered is typically beneficial to those who are seeking legal advice in the aftermath of a workplace accident. The attorneys on-hand are able to deal with a variety of issues, whether an injury has been caused by a fall in the workplace, a work-related motor vehicle accident or stress injuries due to repeated physical movements in the normal course of duty. Knowing that there will be no financial cost to an initial consultation is sometimes comforting to those who are worried about expenses.

The attorneys at Skolnick Weisner Law Firm LLC have decades of experience in protecting the rights of an injured employee in the aftermath of a work-related accident. A victim of an amputation injury was able to receive $2 million in associated benefits, as well as court-awarded compensation after a successfully litigated personal injury claim. Those in Ohio who are considering similar claims or merely have questions regarding the best way to proceed in seeking workers’ compensation benefits may wish to arrange for their free consultation by contacting the firm.