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Ohio guardian awarded compensation in medical malpractice case

Medical MalpracticeNews   February 5, 2015

When a medical mistake results in a patient suffering serious and/or permanent damage, the situation can quickly become complicated. The injured patient or family of the injured patient may feel that medical professionals were negligent and that injuries resulted due to that negligence. If this is the case, parties may wish to look into filing a medical malpractice claim in order to seek compensation.

A case in Ohio recently ended and resulted in the guardian of a woman being awarded over $8 million. The woman had presumably gone in for a medical procedure and it was reported that her blood sugar was not properly monitored. As a result, her blood sugar levels became considerably low, and she suffered brain damage and other injuries as a result. It is unclear why the levels were not properly monitored.

It was reported that, due to the permanent injuries, the woman now requires 24-hour care and will likely never be able to live on her own. The case outcome found one doctor and Springfield Endocrinology & Internal Medicine responsible for the damages. As a result, the guardian of the woman was awarded $8.3 million.

Medical mistakes can take a devastating toll on patients who are affected. As this situation shows, taking legal action may be a valid step, especially if the resulting injuries will result in considerable financial upheaval for the affected party or parties. Ohio residents who have suffered or who have loved ones who have suffered due to medical errors may want to look into their options for filing a medical malpractice claim.

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