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Ohio initiatives for motorcyclist safety

Car AccidentsNews   August 22, 2018

As a motorcyclist, you are probably well aware of the many hazards you face when you are out riding. Unfortunately, car and truck drivers are not as attentive to motorcyclists as they should be, and this can lead to serious road accidents.

The state of Ohio has some programs in place to try to increase motorcyclist safety as well as raise awareness among Ohio drivers of the importance of looking out for motorcyclists. Here are a few of the programs that Ohio offers to help increase motorcycle safety:

Basic Rider Skills training course

The Ohio Department of Public Safety offers several different motorcyclist training and safety courses, both for beginning and experienced riders. The Basic Rider Skills training course covers the fundamental knowledge a motorcyclist needs to be safe on the roads. The course helps motorcyclists understand how to ride with full knowledge of the particular risks that motorcyclists face, such as visibility issues, which can lead to drivers’ claims following a motorcycle accident that it was “impossible” to see the motorcyclist.

Saved By The Helmet

The “Saved By The Helmet” program is another initiative of the Ohio Department of Public Safety. It includes an award as well as a club. The program recognizes individuals who survived crashes by wearing a helmet. Its goal is to increase awareness of the importance of wearing helmets on motorcycles as a life-saving safety element. The members have to have survived a motorcycle crash within one year of membership application. Members can join after an investigating police officer or someone with knowledge of the crash nominates them for membership.

Motorcycle safety starts with the motorcyclist, but also extends to all drivers on the road. Ohio is working to raise awareness of safety not only among motorcyclists themselves, but also among the general public to improve safety and reduce motorcycle accidents on the state’s roadways.