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Ohio loosens gun laws, allows them on work properties

NewsPersonal Injury   March 31, 2017

A March 21 report shows that a new law will be affecting the way guns are handled in workplaces. Ohio will not allow handguns to be banned from company property, meaning that employees can now bring their guns to work. Anyone who has a state permit to carry a concealed gun may bring it to work, according to the law, as long as it is locked up and kept in the person’s vehicle.

This law also expanded the areas in which people could carry weapons with CCW rights. Now, they may carry in school zones, universities, colleges, airport terminals and child care centers so long as the weapon remains locked up inside a vehicle.

Ohio has been joining a nationwide trend for loosening gun laws, additionally adding the Castle Doctrine prior to this. The Castle Doctrine allows you to defend yourself, home and property with the use of lethal force without requiring you to flee before doing so.

Ohio ranks seventh of the total number of people who were killed by firearms in the workplace. In 2015, 18 people were killed due to firearm use on the job, while 202 people were killed on the job in all. Across the nation, the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics shows that there were 486 people killed by gun use in the workplace.

Regardless of the cause, if you’re hurt at work because of a negligent or intentionally malicious coworker using a gun or because of another firearm-related action, you may seek out workers’ compensation. You’re protected by law, and you have a right to your benefits.

Source: Dayton Daily News, “Starting Tuesday: New law allows handguns on workplace property,” Lynn Hulsey, March 21, 2017