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Ohio parents may be interested in medical malpractice case

Medical MalpracticeNews   December 10, 2014

It is not uncommon for Ohio residents to feel apprehensive when they need to have surgery. They may worry about their reaction to administered medications or possible errors that could occur during the procedure. If a patient is pregnant, she may also worry about how her unborn child may be affected by any medical action that may be taken. If mistakes on the part of a doctor lead to the mother and/or child being negatively impacted, a medical malpractice claim could be an option.

A woman in another state has filed a claim against a doctor due to believing that a medical error led to the premature birth of her daughter. The report states that the woman had gone to the hospital due to pain in her abdomen, and it was discovered that she was three weeks pregnant and also needed to have her appendix removed. Twenty weeks after the surgery, the woman’s pain returned.

After another hospital visit, the woman had to undergo emergency surgery. It was determined that part of the appendix was not removed during her first surgery, which led to a severe infection. This situation also reportedly led to the woman’s child being born prematurely. The woman is seeking damages for medical costs and injury to the child.

Many parents want to do whatever they can to protect their children, and when a medical mistake leads to a premature birth, the situation can be devastating. If Ohio parents have faced similar circumstances and believe that medical errors could have led to the injury or illness of themselves or their child, gathering information on medical malpractice claims may be helpful. If such a claim seems right for the situation, compensation for damages may be able to be sought.

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