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Ohio program helps employees return to work after injury

NewsPersonal Injury   May 6, 2015

When a person is injured or becomes ill in the course of normal duties of employment, it can be frustrating for him or her to learn that it may not be possible  to perform the same job after recovery. Ohio residents may want to raise their awareness about a program featured in a recent article that is aimed at helping employees return to the workplace after an on-the-job injury.  The Ohio Bureau of Workers Compensation is at the forefront of the new program that helps injured workers return to an active state of employment once they have recovered from their injuries.

An administrator and CEO of the agency explained that when a worker is injured, he or she sometimes is no longer able to perform the skills that were involved in the previous job. The new program assesses the returning worker’s current abilities and skills, then uses a network to connect to new sources of job placement. Ohio employers seeking workers for in-demand jobs will be part of the skills and talents pipeline devised by the program to help those whose injuries have restricted their work abilities.

The business leader said that the program hopes to restore a sense of stability to the lives of injured workers and their families, whose daily lives have often been greatly disrupted by a workplace injury. The program also allows employers to assist returning workers in their search for new positions. Educational opportunities and training are also provided in certain circumstances to help workers expand their job resumes and potentials. Reportedly, employers are being offered an incentive for hiring workers through the program.

The article listed contact information for those who have questions about or are interested in the new program. Employees who suffer an injury in the workplace may also find themselves in need of legal advice, particularly due to the fact that the aftermath of an on-the-job accident can sometimes result in complicated circumstances when a worker attempts to claim compensation. Attorneys with experience in personal injury and workers’ compensation cases can assess an individual case and offer advice with regard to available options and how best to proceed in filing a claim.

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