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Ohio residents should be aware of abuse signs in the elderly

NewsNursing Home Neglect   April 25, 2015

Whether circumstances involve a private home in Ohio or a professional assisted living care arrangement, those who are responsible for the physical and medical care of the elderly should be aware of certain symptoms which might suggest that loved ones are not being properly cared for. Elder abuse and neglect is an ongoing problem in the United States. A recent article offered information regarding the most common signs of elder mistreatment.

The article stated that those who are advanced in age sometimes must rely on others for their basic temporal needs. Sometimes, this care is given by family members or persons in the private community sector. Other times, an elder citizen becomes a resident in a professional private or government-run program where care is given by trained professional and/or medical staff members.

Willful neglect, physical injury, sexual exploitation or other harm are all potentially disturbing circumstances that can occur unnoticed if loved ones are not aware of common symptoms and signs of abuse. According to the article, some of the most prominent symptoms of elder abuse include poor hygiene, bed sores, a disheveled appearance or drastic loss of weight. Unusual depression or marked increased anxiety can also alert family members that there might be a problem.

In Ohio, if it appears that someone has suffered neglect or abuse while under the physical or medical care of others, a personal injury claim in a civil court may be an appropriate remedy to seek reimbursement of monetary damages sustained. Legal professionals who are experienced in nursing home neglect could assess an individual case and explain all available options with regard to filing a claim. Successfully litigated claims involving personal injury and/or medical malpractice can bring court-awarded compensation for damages suffered at the hands of caregivers.

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