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On Route 30, 2 Ohio motor vehicle accidents occur within moments

Car AccidentsNews   April 14, 2015

An Ohio State Highway Patrol sergeant was recently responding to a U.S. Route 30 crash when another accident occurred on the same road, moments later. Motor vehicle accidents that involve tractor-trailers and fuel tankers can have devastating results. The second collision in this case ended with a huge explosion and massive fire.

The sergeant had responded to the first accident after a tractor-trailer reportedly struck the rear of another vehicle. The impact caused the driver of the automobile to lose steering control. The vehicle veered off the road and re-entered the highway in a horizontal position. The vehicle and the semi truck collided. The truck was said to have come to a screeching halt in the left lane of traffic.

The driver of the vehicle that was struck was trapped inside the car and had to be extricated from the driver’s seat by rescue workers. The officer said that while they were responding to this incident, approaching highway traffic began to slow and then stop. Moments later, he heard a huge explosion and saw clouds of smoke and fire. Apparently, another tractor-trailer had crashed into a tanker that was hauling more than 6,000 gallons of gasoline and almost 2,000 gallons of diesel fuel.

Authorities stated that they believe that the driver of the second tractor-trailer was ejected from his vehicle because he was found in the median area of the highway. Nothing but the engine and rims were left of his cab. He was reported in critical condition. Motor vehicle accidents that are caused by the negligent or wrongful actions of another driver constitute grounds for formal litigation when personal injuries have been suffered. An Ohio resident who suffers injury in a highway collision may choose to seek compensation for damages in an effort to gain retribution that could help alleviate medical costs and other expenses related to an injury.

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