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Pedestrian accidents on the rise throughout the nation

Car AccidentsNews   April 24, 2017

There are always risks for pedestrians, because getting hit by a car can cause serious injuries or even death. However, the risks are increasing in today’s tech-oriented society. While smartphones aren’t to blame for everything bad that happens to pedestrians, they are playing a role in more and more accidents. People who are talking on their phones, texting behind the wheel, or otherwise using their smartphone while driving may end up striking a person in a crosswalk or other location, simply because they were distracted and didn’t see that person at all.

Pedestrian Fatalities Are Growing Fast

Rates for pedestrian fatalities are going up at four times the rate of other types of traffic fatalities. That’s an alarming statistic, and one that is believed to be directly related to smartphone use behind the wheel. In some cases a pedestrian distracted by his or her smartphone can be at fault, but in the vast majority of cases the pedestrian was hit by someone who was on the phone, texting, or doing something else tech-related behind the wheel. This can have devastating consequences for the pedestrian and their family, even if the accident doesn’t result in a fatality. Perhaps unsurprisingly, serious injuries are also on the rise.

Most Accidents Happen At Night

While there can be pedestrian accidents and fatalities during the day, many of these tragic events take place during the night. Pedestrians are harder to see at that time, drivers are often tired, and the combination can prove to be a deadly one. Adding smartphones into the mix only makes things more risky.

What Can Injured Pedestrians Do?

Securing proper medical treatment is very important, but an injured pedestrian may also want to seek compensation for their injuries as well. In pedestrian accidents that result in fatalities, the family of the victim may seek legal advice as to whether there is a case against the driver of the vehicle. In either situation, having a zealous legal advocate on your side can make a significant difference during often difficult time.