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Plastic surgeon danced her way into a malpractice suit

Medical MalpracticeNews   June 8, 2018

Most physicians and surgeons are highly professional — especially when a patient is under their care.

However, one plastic surgeon seemed to think that dancing, singing and joking around about her patient’s bodies — on film, no less — during surgery was somehow acceptable. Then, to cap off the insulting behavior, she posted some of the videos to YouTube despite the fact that some of her patients were visibly unclothed on the operating table.

The doctor may have been trying to make a name for herself — since the videos were intended for “promotional” purposes. While she’s certainly caught the attention of others, it’s unlikely that she did so in the intended fashion.

The doctor has had five malpractice suits filed against her so far. Patients claim that they have endured various injuries, disfigurement and infections following various procedures by the physician, who can be seen in one video singing about the “fat in the booty” of her patient as she operates.

One malpractice victim went to the singing dermatologist for nothing more than a few simple Botox injections prior to her wedding. According to the complaint filed against her, the doctor talked the woman into a tummy tuck. After eight hours of surgery, the doctor’s staff called for paramedics because the patient was no longer breathing. While she was able to be revived, the patient suffered brain damage and has to receive full-time care from her adult son. She’s unable to even change her own clothes or feed herself without assistance.

A further investigation into the doctor’s services indicates that although she advertises a number of cosmetic practices as her “specialties,” she actually has a general medical license — not special training in plastic surgery.

That isn’t unusual in Georgia, where licensed physicians can practice whatever sort of medical services they please — even if they aren’t particularly qualified for it. Most patients are unaware that their plastic surgeon may have no specific training.

In this case, they were certainly unaware that their doctor seemed to be more focused on amusing herself and singing than she was on paying attention to her patients’ needs. Stories like this illustrate just how important it is to investigate a doctor’s credentials thoroughly — and to choose a physician based on professional merits over salesmanship. Anything else can easily lead to malpractice and terrible consequences.

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