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Seven motorcyclists hurt in crash with distracted driver

Car AccidentsNews   May 29, 2014

Ohio law enforcement authorities are investigating the cause of a crash that occurred earlier this month in Valley View, Ohio. The crash occurred when a car allegedly collided with four motorcycles at a red light. All seven people on board the motorcycles were hurt, and at least one suffered severe injuries including a fractured skull and bleeding on the brain.

Valley View police say the driver admitted that she had been looking at her phone when the crash occurred, and an investigation of the crash scene reportedly showed no signs that the driver had braked or otherwise tried to avoid the motorcyclists. Police are now looking for evidence that the driver had been texting. The driver could face felony charges in connection to the crash, as well as potential civil liability for any personal injury claims that may arise.

Distracted drivers and their insurance companies can be held financially accountable for any damage that occurs when they cause accidents, even if they are not charged with a crime. Depending on the circumstances, they may be required to compensate injured crash victims for their resulting medical expenses, lost wages, property damage and a variety of other losses.

Although texting while driving has received a lot of press recently as one of the deadliest and most widespread types of distracted driving, it is important to understand that any type of distraction while driving can greatly increase the risk of accidents. This includes distractions caused by other vehicle occupants, including pets, as well as other activities such as grooming, eating or even looking at a map.

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