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Several individuals suffer personal injury in Ohio accident

Car AccidentsNews   September 9, 2015

Two vehicles were involved in a recent collision in Ohio. Both vehicles were commercial trucks, one from Fed Ex that was hauling two trailers. Reports stated that traffic was backed up for hours with eastbound lanes completely closed to travelers in the aftermath of the crash. More than one person suffered personal injury when the trucks collided on a recent Thursday afternoon.

The Fed Ex truck with two trailers and another truck from Schneider collided on the road. The Fed Ex truck was carrying packages that were left strewn across the highway in the aftermath of the crash. Reports also indicate that the Schneider truck careened 70 feet down a nearby embankment upon impact in the collision.

Police projected that it would take until the following morning, at least, for the debris to be removed from the road. Three individuals suffered injuries in the crash. They were taken to a nearby hospital for treatment, though there was no further word on their conditions. Authorities are still investigating the cause and details of the accident.

In Ohio and all other states, legal professionals are available to offer guidance to those who have suffered personal injury and find themselves facing workers’ compensation issues in the aftermath of an accident involving work vehicles. In certain circumstances, an injured victim sometimes has grounds to file a legal claim in a civil court apart from his or her right to collect workers’ comp benefits. Consulting with an experienced attorney would be one way to seek clarification of the issues and determine how best to proceed in an individual case.

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