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Sleepy driver causes major accident with truck on Ohio road

Car AccidentsNews   August 31, 2018

There are a lot of trucks on Ohio’s roads — which makes it a good idea to stay alert at the wheel when you’re driving.

Typically, when you hear about a serious truck accident, it’s usually the truck that’s behind the issue. Trucks often have a difficult time navigating the twists and turns of Ohio’s smaller roads. A recent truck accident, however, was caused when the tired driver of a sports utility vehicle simply fell asleep at the wheel.

The accident, which took place before 7 in the morning, involved a female driver who had five children in her vehicle. Somehow, the sleepy driver nodded off while in motion. Her car struck a truck pulling a trailer and overturned.

Fortunately, this incident has a reasonably happy ending. The occupants of the passenger vehicle only suffered minor injuries, and the truck’s driver wasn’t hurt at all — but the ending could easily have been tragic. Drowsy driving is considered as lethal as drunk driving and is responsible for numerous accidents every year.

Unfortunately, many people — including, most likely, the woman who caused the recent accident — can’t tell when they’re too tired to be behind the wheel of a car. Here are some of the most important warning signals your body can give you:

  • You have difficulty focusing and are having a hard time following what people are saying or doing.
  • You are yawning often, your eyes are tearing up, or you keep rubbing your eyes instinctively.
  • You suddenly realize that you can’t remember the last few miles you’ve driven.
  • You start missing stop signs or traffic lights.
  • Your car begins to drift out of your lane or hits the rumble strip.

A lot of drowsy accidents occur early in the morning because many drivers are suffering from the effects of a poor night’s sleep. If you find yourself hardly able to keep your eyes open, it’s wisest to find someone else to drive.

Any car accident, no matter how minor, can result in major injuries and financial losses. Anyone who gets injured in an accident with a drowsy driver should take some time to examine all their possible legal avenues for recovery.