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Some Ohio motor vehicle accidents involve road rage

Car AccidentsNews   May 28, 2015

A tragedy was reported on Ohio Interstate 75 on a recent Saturday. Police continue to search for one of the drivers alleged to have been involved in the accident. Unfortunately, some motor vehicle accidents involve road rage, which is a suspected factor in the recent crash that resulted in a fatality.

Witnesses claim that a man behind the wheel of a pickup truck was tormenting those traveling in an SUV, where a 35-year-old woman was one of the occupants. Police have stated that the man in the pickup was thought to be approximately 60-70 years of age. He allegedly changed lanes to put his truck in front of the other vehicle on the highway then suddenly stopped.

The driver of the vehicle in which the woman was traveling as a passenger over-corrected to avoid hitting the pickup, lost control and flipped over on the road. The driver and the woman were reportedly ejected from the SUV. Sadly, the woman, who was the mother of four children, did not survive the incident. The driver was taken to an area hospital for treatment.

The surviving family members of the young mother have issued a public statement imploring the pickup truck driver to come forward. In Ohio, immediate family members who suffer the untimely death of loved ones in motor vehicle accidents that have been caused by the wrongful actions of other motorists are eligible to file legal claims against at-fault drivers in civil court.  By doing so, they may seek compensation for damages on behalf of the deceased.

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