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Spring can be a dangerous time for motorcycle riders

Car AccidentsNews   April 4, 2019

You do not only ride a motorcycle for transportation. On the contrary, your bike helps you clear your head while exploring Ohio. Even though you have exceptional riding skills, you must worry about others who share the roadways. If you are in a wreck, you may need to act quickly to protect your legal rights. 

Some parts of the year are worse for motorcycle riders than others. Spring is one of those times. Here are three reasons spring can be a dangerous time for motorcyclists: 

1. Motorists get used to bike-free roadways 

During summer months, motorists usually expect to see motorcycle riders on highways, streets, roads and bridges in the Buckeye State. Unfortunately, though, after Ohio’s long winters, many drivers get used to bike-free roadways. Still, motorcycles are a fraction of the size of cars, trucks, SUVs and 18-wheelers. Therefore, you should always allow some extra space between your bike and cars. By riding defensively, you increase your odds of avoiding a collision until motorists remember to look twice. 

2. Weather conditions change rapidly 

Springtime weather in Ohio can be unpredictable. You may see sunny skies turn to rain or snow in just a couple hours. If you do not have the right gear for changing weather conditions, you may not be able to keep control of your motorcycle. Accordingly, until summer arrives, you must always check the forecast before you leave your garage. If a sudden storm appears, park your bike somewhere safe until weather conditions return to normal. 

3. Bikes have mechanical problems 

If you park your motorcycle during cold winter months, it may not be ready to go when temperatures climb. That is, mechanical problems may become more severe when you are not riding your bike. Therefore, before you hit the open road, you must fully inspect and service your motorcycle. Doing so may be your best strategy for avoiding a slide, collision or crash.

By understanding why motorcycle accidents occur during spring months, you can better plan for staying safe on your bike. With a bit of diligence, you can likely decrease your odds of having a motorcycle wreck.