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Stay off social media when pursuing personal injury lawsuit

NewsPersonal Injury   June 2, 2016

Though perhaps hard to imagine several years ago, today, social media accounts such as Facebook, Twitter and Instagram are a main form of communication for many. Few people who use the internet have not opened a social media account. A report from the Pew Research Center, found 74 percent of adults who are online have such accounts. That report was based on information from January 2014 and since then it is likely that even more people have signed up.

While a good way to communicate with people you might otherwise not be in contact with, there are situations in which these accounts can do more harm than good. This is particularly true where personal injury lawsuits are concerned. It is possible the information posted to an account by an injured party seeking compensation, could find it used against them at trial.

In many personal injury cases the person who filed the claim is seeking damages for physical or emotional damage. Generally, it is claimed the physical or emotional injury has made it difficult to enjoy life. It is important to remember that because a photograph captures only a moment in time, a snapshot that appears to show a person who is carefree and happy, may not be the full story. Accordingly, if pictures that are posted on these sites appear to contradict either the claimed physical or emotional injuries, they might be introduced at trial and effectively ruin any chance you have at making a recovery. Insurance companies may even be monitoring these social media sites to check on the activity of personal injury plaintiffs.

Since once a post is published online it never really goes away, care should be taken from the outset to stay away from these accounts completely when you are in the midst of a personal injury lawsuit. In the course of their representation, the lawyers at The Skolnick Weiser Law Firm, LLC advise all clients on the steps that should be taken for the best chance of recovering in a personal injury lawsuit.