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Staying with dogs, cats and other pets

NewsPersonal Injury   November 6, 2017

The leaves are turning color and the temperature is dropping. As the holidays approach, you may be worried about the weather cooperating for your drives or flights to be with far-flung family members for Thanksgiving and/or Christmas. In fact, there are probably a few things weighing on your mind.

One thing that some people do not think about is how to prepare if the place they are staying at has pets. This can be of particular concern if you are bringing your own pets and/or children.

Understand the dangers

Lots of people in one space can mean a lot of noise and stress even for the friendliest resident cat or dog. If overly stressed, a pet might even resort to biting in some situations. Some owners take safeguards such as keeping the pet outside or in another room during an event or limiting the number of guests. Not all do, however, so visitors should stay aware of any animals they are with.

Gauge how realistic your plans are

If you want to bring your dog with you, consider whether that is in the pet’s best interest. Might a pet sitter be a better option? To help you decide, you can ask your host about how many other guests intend to show up and what the event lineup looks like. You can ask about local amenities such as dog parks that may help your pet run off energy.

You know your dog best, so if your canine is the nervous sort and there will be lots of kids or animals around, it helps to take proactive steps to minimize any distress. You can show the kids how to handle your dog, for example, or keep your animal away from the other pets in the host’s household.

Prepare everyone

Similarly, if you are staying at a place with pets, give your children a heads-up about how to behave. Adults should not leave young children unsupervised with puppies, and kids should know not to shriek around dogs or try to pet them while they are eating.