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Steps to take if you are hurt while riding Uber or Lyft

Car AccidentsNews   January 4, 2018

For many people, using a ridesharing app has become a common practice. Services such as Uber and Lyft make it easy for people to get rides anywhere in their city. In July 2017, Lyft announced that it was officially giving over one million rides a day, a milestone already surpassed by Uber.

With so many Uber and Lyft drivers on the road, there are naturally numerous accidents that occur as a result of ridesharing apps. Determining liability in these cases can be tricky. Many people do not know whether the company itself should hold liability, or if it rests solely on the driver. You can worry about that later. Here are the steps to take in the immediate aftermath of an Uber or Lyft accident.

Contact the right people

You will have a lot of phone calls to make after a car accident. First, you need to call 911. This is critical if you suffered any injuries in the crash, or even if you simply want to see a doctor to ensure you are okay. You also want police to visit the scene so that they can create an official report. The driver may tell you not to contact these authorities, but you need to think about your own health and safety. You should also contact the Uber or Lyft to let them know the driver was in a collision.

Receive a full medical report

For anything more than a minor fender bender, you want to get yourself checked out to ensure you are not hurt. Some injuries will not appear until weeks or months after the accident. In the event you are hurt, you will want an official doctor’s record on-hand so that you can seek damages for any medical bills that might come later. The company may try to deny liability by insisting its drivers are independent contractors instead of employees, but an experienced attorney may be able to fight those claims.