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Summer hazards for Ohio pedestrians and cyclists

Car AccidentsNews   June 12, 2017

Summer is here, bringing sunshine and outdoor celebrations. Yet with it also comes hazards for those on the road. It may not seem like summer would be dangerous, but according to the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety, more accidents occur during the summer months than during the winter ones.

However, drivers are not the only ones who have to worry. Pedestrians and cyclists are in just as much need to be aware of and prepare for the following risk factors.


The high temperatures and amount of sun can lead to many potential problems. The chances of vehicle tires blowing out are greater. Drivers, pedestrians and cyclists all can easily become dehydrated, which affects their motor and cognitive skills.

Increased Traffic

Warm weather means more people out and about, including teenagers who are no longer in school and tourists coming to the area. More vehicles being on the road raises the odds of accidents happening. Teen drivers lack experience, and out-of-state visitors are often unfamiliar with routes, both of which increase the risk of accident even more.

Construction work

Summer also brings more construction work. This means that bike lanes, shoulders, sidewalks, crosswalks and other safety features may be unavailable for use, putting pedestrians and cyclists in more danger.

Wet weather

Not every day is sunny in the summer. Thunderstorms and flash floods are also a part of this season’s weather. Rainfall reduces drivers’ visibility and makes stopping and maneuvering vehicles more difficult. It also results in slippery roads and sidewalks for cyclists and pedestrians.

Accidents and injuries

Taking precautionary measures against these hazards will greatly decrease your likelihood of getting into an accident with a motor vehicle and becoming injured. However, the risk is always present no matter how safe you are. If you are the victim of a traffic accident, speak to an Ohio lawyer with experience in handling pedestrian and cyclist personal injury claims.